H&H Soul Food Restaurant in Macon was an Allman Brothers Band favorite whenever the group was in Macon.

Located on Forsyth Street, one of the restaurant’s owners -- Mama Louise -- served the Allman brothers for years.

Her comfort food and the restaurant’s homey environment were just some of the reasons the band stopped by frequently.

Restaurant manager Drew Jennings says Mama Louise always took care of the boys because she just wanted them to enjoy a home cooked meal.

“It was home away from home. They could come in and it was just like they got a home cooked meal like they would get at their grandma's house. Being in the road so much…200 to 250 days out the year, when they came back to Macon, this was their place.”

H&H continues to play the band’s music every day and you can see photos of the band there throughout the years on the walls.