New Orleans, LA - For thirty years we've been watching Tom Cruise run like his life depended on it. His legs charging. Arms driving. Dodging bullets, explosions and alien invaders.

When Saint Bryan caught up with Cruise he put it this way:

“In movies nobody runs like you do. All out. Every single take. What does that say about your approach to making movies?”

“That is my approach to living life,” says Cruise. It's all out. Wherever I'm going it's all the way.”
In the new Jack Reacher movie Never Go Back, Cruise is running...climbing ...leaping. And, apparently, the 54 year old actor has yet to lose a step. That doesn’t makes things easy for his co-stars.

“It's challenging,” says Vancouver BC native Cobie Smulders, who wasn't just going to play the damsel in distress. “It's helpful to be very competitive which I am.” Smulders who is a certified diver raised in a family of athletes.

“When you're running and when you're doing multiple, multiple takes you're like for me I don't want to be the wuss. I don't want to be the one who's like 'I just need five minutes '.

Co-star Danika Yarosh says Cruise sets the bar high on the set. Fueled by passion.

“He's honestly like a little kid going to Disneyland. Every single day,” says Yarosh. “Regardless. No matter what.”

That was the Tom Cruise we witnessed at the red carpet premiere in New Orleans. Meeting fans, signing autographs, posing for pictures, doing interviews for more than two hours. It's the same approach he brings to stunt work. Especially when it comes to driving fast cars.

“How hard is it to convince Tom Cruise to let somebody else do the stunt?” Saint asks director Edward Zwick.

“I wouldn't even try at this point,” says Zwick. “I think his stunt double has the worst job in all of show business.”

How long will Tom Cruise be sprinting all out on the silver screen? Will there ever be a scene where he just speed walks to save the day. I wouldn't bet on it happening any time soon.Cruise is best when he's a man on the run.

“That's pretty much me,” laughs Cruise. “That defines me I think.”