Columbia, SC (WLTX) – McDonald’s employees threw a surprise birthday party for their favorite customer.

Alton “Pops” Blanks heads to the restaurant on Garners Ferry Road twice a day almost every day ordering a small coffee and a hamburger.

“The only time he didn't come was during the floods we were a little worried about him so we sent somebody to make sure he was okay,” McDonald’s supervisor Carmen Bilbrey explained.

“I started to come in here regularly 2010 after my wife's passing, and uh and I just getting used to changing my lifestyle,” Pops said. “I didn't want to be remembered as the old man that said bad things and I talked with Miss Carmen, the rest of them because my wife left with me integrity and character and I want to continue on with that.”

His character is as consistent as his order.

“What one person can do for a lot of people and what he's doing today with just like you know making everybody's heart melt is what he does every day,” Bilbrey gushed.

The love was returned right back to Pops Friday for his 90th birthday!

“It's mighty nice for you people to take time out and to do this for me, thank you so much, thank you very much. God bless you,” Pops said after walking into special guests, cake and a key to McDonalds.

Most of all he received a supersized order of love.

“It means so much it brings back the days that I delivered mail, if you treat the people right, you'll get it in return and they have always treated me properly,” the World War II veteran said.

“Very friendly man, very friendly. He comes in, he talks to you. You could be sitting down and having a bad day, he's going to make it right,” Bilbrey said. “The girls love them, all the crew people love him.”
Blanks said he will spend the rest of his 90th birthday basking in his huge surprise.

“I just thank the Lord for everything,” the loyal customer said.

Pops says he's been going to the McDonald's on Garners Ferry Road since the 1960's.