CLACKAMAS, Ore. – A Clackamas Vietnam War veteran said he will be debt free after winning a $1 million St. Patrick’s Day Raffle prize Friday morning.

Richard Leber was listening on the radio when the winning numbers were announced.

“When I heard the numbers, I thought ‘that’s nice, someone won.’ Little did I know it was me!” Leber said.

Leber purchased five $10 St. Patrick’s Day Raffle tickets at different Oregon Lottery retailers at different times. He bought the winning ticket on Jan. 25 at a Plaid Pantry on Highway 212 in Clackamas.

"I have purchased Raffle tickets ever since the first Oregon Lottery Raffle was offered," Leber said. Oregon Lottery has held 17 Raffle games over the years.

Leber said he takes a trip to the Riverside National Cemetery in California every year to visit three of his friends who were killed during the war.

"I joined the Marines with one of them," he said. "So I go and visit them each year and make the trip. We are brothers."

This year, he plans to make other stops on the trip, including a visit with his brother in Arizona and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in the Laughlin River Run.

"I have been riding since 1969 so I will be buying a new Harley with the money," he said. "It is going to be so nice to be debt free with this money."

Leber's prize after taxes was approximately $670,000.