GRAPEVINE, TX. -- A traffic stop for one woman has now gotten a lot of attention.

It turns out that this woman is wanted...but not in the way that first comes to mind.

Amanda Radican was pulled over by a Grapevine deputy on July 7. She told police she was trying to drop off her boyfriend's cell phone that he left at home.

Officer Hale confronted Radican on her driver's side, informing her that there was a warrant out for the car. She began to panic as she became visibly upset, telling the deputy she had no idea why there would be a warrant out for the car.

Coincidentally, her boyfriend also worked at the police station.

Stephen Smith works as a 9-1-1 dispatcher at Grapevine Police Department and started to exit a police vehicle as his girlfriend started to cry.

Thankfully, Smith was able to turn her frown upside down pretty quickly by getting down on one knee and proposing to her on their two-year anniversary, explaining to her the warrant was actually her being wanted by him.

Her response?

"You lied.”

As soon as she realized the significance of the situation, she also responded with "I love you" and finally, "yes."

The Grapevine Police Department posted the adorable, yet hard to believe only five-minute proposal. Their response to it was perfect, however:

The entire traffic stop lasted under five minutes, but the memory will last an eternity. Grapevine Police offers best wishes to the happy couple, and appreciates Dispatcher Smith releasing the video to us, so we can celebrate their moment with them.

How did he get he get away with the whole thing?

He purposefully left his cell phone at home, where he tracked his girlfriend using the "Find my iPhone" app. Ingenious idea, or a little too much? Tell us your thoughts on our 10News Facebook page.