A "tough guy" dad is going viral all because of a tiny baby doll.

One dad follows through with a promise to his daughter and people online are loving how good of a sport he was about it.

Love What Matters first posted the story on Facebook. The post said that Keenan Watkins was making dinner one night while halfway paying attention to his 9-year-old.

He was nodding along with what she said until he heard her get really excited. That’s when he realized he promised his daughter to take her doll Davey wherever he went the next day.

Despite the beard and tattoos, Watkins kept his promise.

When he walked into Goodwill his favorite cashier was working. He let her take some pictures of him and they have since gone viral with over 64,000 likes.

Watkins said he's just a dad that wants his kids to truly understand he loves them and will do anything for them. Even if it's embarrassing.