Another victim of the deadly Percocet pill overdose is speaking out about her near-death experience.

19-year-old Aniya Green says she took the pills last week to get high, but instead she hit a low that’s given her a new appreciation for life.

"It was just light… just bright light."

That's all Green says she remembers after swallowing three of the counterfeit pills.

"I wasn't breathing, my eyes were in the back of my head,” said Green.

She says her little sister found her slumped over a chair in their Houston County home, about four hours after she took the pills.

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors placed a tube down her throat. She was unconscious for nearly four days.

"I started popping pills at the age of 13," said Green.

But she says nothing like this had ever happened before.

As the days passed, Green's family worried that they might lose her, until their pastor walked into the hospital room Thursday morning.

"When I woke up and was off the tube and I was sitting up, my pastor walked in and I could talk, I could speak to him," said Green.

Green says Rev. Dennis Harden of New Hope Baptist Church prayed over her and she had a revelation.

"It was like God was speaking through him like letting me know what I was doing was wrong, it’s time for you to change your life, so I told my pastor I want to get baptized," said Green.

Just three days after Green was lying on her deathbed, she was raised to a new life in Christ.

"If it wasn't for God—there wouldn't be no me right now," said Green.

After after years of smoking and pill popping, she says she’s done.

"I'm clean. I feel better," said Green.

She says the man who sold her the fake Percocet allegedly bought the street drugs from someone in Albany.

The GBI is still investigating where the pills originated from.