There are more reasons to enjoy chocolate, according to science. But not just any chocolate; it has to be dark chocolate, especially the kind that has 70% or higher cocoa levels.

Prevention Magazine offered up 7 reasons why you need to eat dark chocolate every day:

You'll have healthier skin

Eating the antioxidant-rich chocolate leads to skin that's smoother, less dried out, and more resistant to sunburn.

You'll have healthier teeth

Sugar in chocolate candies rots your teeth, but cocoa actually protects them. Cocoa bean husks contain antibacterial compounds that help stop plaque and bacteria.

It'll reduce your cravings and weight gain

Cocoa is rich in fiber and protein. even smelling dark chocolate stimulates an anti-hunger hormone.

You'll have a healthier heart

A third of the fat in cocoa butter is stearic acid, which your liver converts to a healthy mono-unsaturated fat called oleic acid, that actually lowers your bad cholestorol and boosts your good HDL.

You'll have sharper focus

Chocolate boosts blood circulation to the brain, which can improve your ability to focus.

You'll have less anxiety

Studies show chocolate decreased levels of cortisol.

It'll give you a more effective workout

Chocolate helps boost your pre-exercise energy levels, power through a hard sweat session and cut down on post-workout soreness thanks to 2 kinds of antioxidants.