BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The president and CEO of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems Michelle Hood may have two adult children, but raising them when they were younger while working as a top-level executive throughout her entire career was nothing short of demanding.

She's a self-proclaimed planner and list-maker, but even the best of plans can sometimes fall short.

"I would try to arrange the agenda of the work meetings so that I could be at the most important parts, and if not, there were oftentimes where you had to make the decision. You just could not be in two places at once, and we bought a video camera early on."

During her career, she has overseen companies with as many as 20,000 employees. Her work was always a priority, but so were her children. She recalls being interrupted by her daughter while she was on a work-related phone call.

"I remember really vividly having a phone call in my room when she was maybe six or seven. It was a business call and I had to keep stopping because she was clattering around the room in my high heels."

When it comes to working and being a mom, Hood believes that a woman shouldn't have to choose.

"You can do a lot in your life, you don't have to pick one thing. My kids, over the years, got used to the fact that I worked a lot, but that I always made time for them as well."

Her reminder to all of the working mothers out there is "if you really love what you're doing, and your children are seeing you role model, then you'll look back after they fly the nest and you'll say boy, I got through that, and I did it to the best of my ability."