After interviewing moms across the country and in countless communities (and a huge thanks to my mom as well), this is a list all Mother's Day shoppers should see. 

Chances are that in avoiding a gift mom likely does not want, you can score huge savings on something she needs - or even treat yourself. Look for these deals on Wednesday.

Tip 1: Don't buy that gift card, get mom a gift that lasts! Christmas is one thing but just handing your mom a wad of cash on Mother's Day in the form of plastic doesn't exactly scream "I've put a ton of thought into your gift." 

While that gift certificate for a massage will always be well-received, here's an alternate deal that will last for years: 

A top-rated neck and shoulder massager I found for the price of a one hour massage and on sale right here!

$41 Off Top Back and Neck Massage Systems + Free Shipping
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Tip 2: Don't pick up chocolate from the pharmacy, get Godiva or another gourmet brand. 

With all due respect to the great pharmacies in our area, mom can spot a generic chocolate purchase a mile away. Drug stores also scream "last minute." Shop local or if you're short on time or you need some gift-wrapping help, this gourmet chocolate sale is solid!

Tip 3: Don't get experimental on scent, get mom the perfume she already wears! To be honest, this was voted down by mothers we interviewed as a gift to begin with - but if you absolutely want to buy perfume, don't experiment. Scent is a very personal decision and whatever deal you see is not worth it. Your mom knows what she likes. 

Tip 4: Don't buy mom a vacuum, get her a Roomba. This is reserved for the bigger spenders. I can't even tell you how many mothers receive a vacuum on Mother's Day. This is not on their most requested list of items. Rather than putting mom to work, get her a robot that will do a lot of that work autonomously. There are some Roombas on sale here. 

Tip 5: Do not splurge, your mom appreciates anything thoughtful. Gestures, a home-cooked meal, a day off so she can relax, personalized cards or gifts ... all go along way too. Every mom we spoke with indicated she just wants to feel loved and celebrated. Mothers are not complicated and they don't need you to go overboard with spending.

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