Imagine a $25 lamp that could improve the air you breathe and help you feel more refreshed when you wake up every day. Holistic health experts swear by it and today, I present the savings.

Look them up: Himalayan Salt Lamps emit negative ions that help you sleep better, breathe better and fight allergens. Some people swear by the benefits, other think it's bogus - but many will agree, the lamp looks great!

Did it work for me? To be 100% honest, I'm not sure but hundreds of thousands of people will tell you it has impacted them and the air they breathe. While I loved testing this and I am breathing better and sleeping better, that could be thanks to the pillow deal I found last week.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are trending and in a preview piece I did on Facebook Live yesterday, one of our viewers told me this "changed his roommate's life." While I can't say it's done the same for me, if it helps, it's a great looking lamp, it creates ambiance and it is an awesome gift.

Read the reviews and learn more about Salt Lamps.

- Pink salt lamps emit negative ions that fight radiation
- Put it on your night stand and naturally ionize your air to feel better when you wake up
- Allows you to breathe better while lamp fights allergens
- Salt rocks selected from the Himalayan mountains
- Touch controlled lamp
- 1 year warranty, lowest recorded price, top ratings
- Comes with two replacement bulbs and gift box
- Completely silent operation
- UL Certified
- FCC, CE and RoHS approved
- Can be plugged into wall and also comes with USB adapter

$15 Off Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp + 2 Extra Bulbs + Gift Box + Prime Shipping
Was: $39.99
Now: $24.99
**Not a Prime Member? Use this trial to score free shipping
***Despite a lot of stock to the trendiness of this product, it will sell out very quickly!

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