MARIETTA, Ga. -- Marietta police said 15 people have been arrested as part of an online child predator investigation.

The investigation targeted people who communicated with children online and then traveled to meet them to have sexual interactions. The operation also targeted those who were willing to exploit children by purchasing sex with a minor. Both boys and girls were targeted, police said.

Those arrested were:

  • Terry Crawford, 58-year-old male from Pine Mountain, Ga.
  • Johnny Crittenden, 57-year-old male from Jonesboro, Ga.
  • Jose Barrera, 20-year-old male from Kennesaw, Ga.
  • Justin Jones, 42 year old male from Marietta, Ga.
  • Nikolas Sims, 23 year old male from Conyers, Ga.
  • Stephen Cook, 59 year old male from Grayson, Ga.
  • James Lumpkin, 46 year old male from Marietta, Ga.
  • Christopher Braden, 38 year old male from Jasper, Ala.
  • Noe Verdugo, 36 year old male from Atlanta, Ga.
  • James Conner, 45 year old male from Monroe, Ga.
  • Thornton Barrow, 54 year old male from Central, S.C.
  • David Butterworth, 40 year old male from Flowery Branch, Ga.
  • Justin Clark, 31 year old male from Hines, Ore.
  • Mitchell Walters, 28 year old male from Cumming, Ga.
  • Keith Grogan, 44 year old male from Graycourt, S.C.

Marietta Police also took part in "Operation Spring Cleaning", which was centered in Gwinnett County and resulted in 23 arrests back in April:

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