A mother has filed a complaint against DeKalb County police over how they reacted to her 3-year-old son's toy gun. Police say the mother's account doesn't tell the entire story.

Brittany McIntyre said her son, Antonio, was playing on the balcony with his toy gun on Wednesday morning. She said an officer was walking through the wooded area near the balcony and spotted the toy gun.

"And he said he saw my son with a gun and he said he thought it was a burglar or a robber or something like that," she said.

McIntyre said within minutes, police officers were at her apartment looking for the gun they thought they'd seen. McIntyre said she explained to the officers that the gun was fake. She said that an officer told her the gun didn't look like a toy.

"He was like, 'Yeah, I would have shot him. I would have shot him. I have two kids to go back home to,'" she said.

DeKalb County Police said an internal investigation is underway into the incident, but said that the officer never drew his gun and did not fire his weapon.

Police said officers were responding to a home invasion call. Six units responded to the location.

As they were searching the perimeter of the location from the original call, an officer thought he saw a gun on the balcony. He notified the other officers that there was the possibility of a gun in the area. Those officers went to the apartment to investigate.

As for the toy guns, McIntyre believes it's not worth the risk and threw all of them in the trash.

"I advise all parents to no longer let their children play with guns, it's just dangerous," she said.

The original call turned out to be the caller's father trying to get into the home, police said.

McIntyre filed a complaint, which prompted the internal investigation.