ATLANTA -- An iconic building in downtown Atlanta is gone.

A demolition crew brought down the old Georgia archives building Sunday morning making way for Georgia's new court of appeals and supreme court building.

For years it held history and in only seconds it became history itself.

But before crashing down, the old Georgia archives building made history.

Opened in 1965 and nicknamed the “White Ice Cube” for an obvious reason, it was actually named after former Georgia Secretary of State Ben W. Fortson Jr. That year, it was the most modern archival facility in the nation. But, over time, the 14-story 55,000 ton building began to fall apart.

"In 2003, the actual function of this building as an archives was terminated," Governor Nathan Deal said.

Georgia's archives moved to a new facility in Morrow near Clayton State University but this building known for storing non-fiction would find a second life - in fiction.

"It has been used for movie production to the extent of generating about $1.4 billion in income from movie production in that facility," Gov. Deal said.

The newsroom for the “Anchorman 2” Global News Network was built inside the building and you can spot the old Georgia archives as Pym technologies in Marvel's “Antman” with a body of water added in front through post-production.

Those are just two movies from a long list shot here before more than 500 pounds of explosives provided one final action scene.

In a massive show of heat, smoke and light, this 66 year old ice cube melted away.