The mother of an eighth grader attending Memorial Middle School in Rockdale County, was enraged when her child brought home an award from school. Not a conventional reaction for when your child receives an accolade but this award was not conventional.

According to Nicole Edwards, the student's mother, her 14-year-old daughter brought home an award for "most likely not to pay attention in class".

Edwards says that one of her daughter's teachers gave her the award during an end-of-the-year ceremony for the eighth grade.

"They (the students) thought it (the award) was for raising her hand. She (the teacher) didn't even say what was on the awards" when they were given out at the ceremony, Edwards said.

The students had originally voted for "most likely to raise her hand." Edwards said when her daughter read the award, her reaction was just, "Oh well."

"I believe the teacher did this on purpose because she feels some type of way about my child," Edwards said. "My daughter is failing her class only." Her mother says that she has gotten in trouble in this teacher's class on multiple occasions.

According to Edwards, the administration was unaware of the award and hopes the investigation leads to solution.

Rockdale County Schools has confirmed they are investigating this matter, saying in a statement:

"We just learned about this late yesterday and began investigating internally today. I can assure you that Rockdale County Public Schools will not condone anything that may cause student embarrassment or humiliation. We will take appropriate action to address this situation upon gathering all of the facts."