GORDON COUNTY, Ga. -- A couple of accused crooks messed with the wrong neighborhood in Gordon County.

Two masked men burst into a couple's home Wednesday armed with bats and bricks, but the homeowners fought back and won.

According to the Gordon County Sheriff, the suspects entered the couple's home in the Pine Chapel community armed with bricks and a baseball bat. One of the suspects threw a brick at the husband, but that's when the victims started fighting back.

Wife: "We need some help please."

Dispatcher: "What's going on?"

Wife: "Two guys came running in with masks on and bats. Came running into our house with bricks. Threw one at my husband. He ran after one of them and has hit one of them. We have him down on the patio...He's laying down and my husband is standing over him with the bat he brought in." (Click to hear the full 911 call.)

One of those teens was Alex Alcantar. He went to the hospital for his injuries.

Gordon County Sheriff's Deputies told 11Alive the other suspect, Dustin Freeman, ran through the woods But he didn't get very far thanks to some armed neighbors took him down and held him until he was hauled off to jail.

The two suspects are just 17 years old and both are from Cherokee County.

Investigators said one of the suspects hit the victim's dog with a baseball bat when it jumped in to protect its owners. 11Alive is still working to find out how the dog is doing, but officials said the two homeowners are fine.