At a time of texting, emailing, Facebooking, “liking,” tweeting…

Some strangers in downtown Denver have chosen to get to know each other in a simple way.

It all started last week, with a “Hi.”

“I like to have fun. Period. No matter where I’m at. So, last Thursday, I noticed across the street from my building there was a gentleman in his office. It was Thursday afternoon and so I just thought I’d put some Post-it notes up, just to say hi. To see if I’d get a response. I didn’t from him, but Monday of this week, we had a bunch of responses from the building across the street. First it was a hello, and then it’s grown throughout the entire week to include Spiderman, and Pacman, and all kinds of stuff,” says Maxie Bilyeu.

She works in a high rise building at 1801 California; one side of that building faces 18th Street. Her new friends work on the other side.

Since last week, several floors from each side of the building have been posting pictures and notes for each other, all made of Post-its. There are aliens, and Spiderman, and pizza. One message says , “What up, Gnomie?” next to an illustration of a garden gnome. Another says just, “Hey Aaron.”

Photos: Post-it war in downtown Denver

Yes, they’ve even exchanged names and phone numbers through Post-it. And they’ve created a hashtag for their work: #5280PostItWars.

Bilyeu says many of the people in her office have been buying their own Post-its, so the office manager doesn’t go crazy.

Every picture requires a different number of sticky notes, of course. The “Hi” needed about 20. The Denver skyline they worked on Friday needed more than 100.

As of Friday evening, though, the war may be over. We’re told the people who run the building were done with the fun and games, and wanted to sticky notes off the windows.

Next called the company. They refused to comment.