A British Columbia family had a close encounter with a large black bear at their home Saturday, and the only way the bear was fended off was with a punch to the snout.

According to Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Elery Froude and her two young sons were at home with a family friend working on some renovations when her 2 1/2-year-old son yelled, "Mom, look!"

Froude looked over to see the bear coming into the house through a sliding glass door.

While the bear, which weighed about 250 pounds, roamed through the house, knocking things over and drooling all over her dining room table, the RCMP said Froude locked herself and the boys in a bedroom.

The family friend yelled, banged pots and shook chairs at the bear, which backed it toward the door, where it stopped. The friend finally punched the bear in the nose, which forced the bear out of the house, allowing the friend to slam the door.

Meanwhile, Froude had called police from the bedroom.

Once it was outside, the bear began to paw and gnaw at the screen, and was still doing that when RCMP officers arrived.

The officers were able to chase the bear into the woods by using air horns and throwing water bottles at it. But a short time later, the bear was back and trying to get into the garage before chasing a man down the street.

Police officers consulted with Canadian Conservation Department officials, who said that due to the bear's aggressive actions and lack of fear of humans, it needed to be euthanized. The RCMP officers shot the bear, and Conservation officials removed it, saying it did not have any obvious signs of illness that would have resulted in its behavior.