CHANDLER, Ariz. - Debbie Douglas has done thousands of loads of laundry in her lifetime. The mother of two sometimes does eight loads a week.

A few weeks ago it was her husband that threw some stuff in the washer.

"It wasn't a big load at al -- some towels, T-shirts and shorts," said Douglas.

As the load was finishing, her son heard something.

"There was a loud boom," said Douglas.

Her husband ran into the laundry room to see if everything was OK.

"To see what we saw was shocking," said Douglas.

The washing machine was leaning forward against the wall, held up by hoses attached to the back wall.

What was most shocking was the top of the front-loading washer had been blown off and the drum was ripped apart and shooting up through the top.

"It looked like an explosion," said Douglas.

Pieces of her washing machine were scattered all over the laundry room. The master board was on the ground along with the top and knobs. Part of the inside appeared melted or warped.

"It was a huge mess," said Douglas.

Most frightening was what she saw in the ceiling and wall, sizable holes from flying debris.

"It's scary. Someone could have been seriously hurt," said Douglas.

It has taken some time and multiple calls but Whirlpool is replacing the washer and giving Douglas a new dryer as well.

"I just want it now -- it's been two weeks," said Douglas.

A spokesperson from Whirlpool would not comment on what happened at Douglas's home.

The spokesperson said she was not aware of any recalls but there have been at least a couple cases of exploding washers.

Douglas says Whirlpool has asked to keep the old washer so it can investigate and understand what happened.

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