The state is full steam ahead on the widening of I-16 and I-75 which means you've probably seen changes in the landscape.

Just beyond the benches at the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, construction crews are chewing up the landscape.

Suzanne Lawler met Nadine Hooker walking along the trail.

"All the trees were here a couple of weeks ago and it changed. It seems like they’re all gone now," she Hooker.

Dane Nelson with the construction company CW Matthews estimates they've chomped up more than 500,000 pounds of timber that stretches over about 10 acres. It will be turned into pulp and lumber, and sold.

"It was quick. It was really, really quick,” said Hooker.

And she is right. The transformation has happened within the last two weeks.

Curtis Moreland enjoys seeing the big trucks, but he projects we will need patience down the road.

"[It’s] going to be congested, but I just hope we don't have that many wrecks,” said Moreland.

Nelson says they've got the biggest tree coming down Thursday night and they're going to pace traffic along the Spring Street ramp.

This means that you'll see a cruiser with its lights on and strobe lights flashing in the area.

Kimberly Larson with the Department of Transportation says drivers should expect a traffic shift on I-75 northbound near the Spring Street exit sometime in the near future.