ATLANTA -- Voter registration was due to close at midnight Tuesday in Georgia, with mixed success for the state's new online registration system. To register to vote, click here.

This is the first presidential election in which new Georgia voters can register to vote online. It has had a few glitches – some of which apparently surfaced over the last 24 hours of the registration window.

22 year old Danielle Lewan went online to register to vote at midday Tuesday. The 11Alive news intern and Madison resident says she respects deadlines, and knew this one was only hours away.

"I know a lot of people who have gone ahead and used the online (registration) system and said it was easy, quick," Lewan said.

She went to the Georgia Secretary of State’s website — on which its proprietor has promised a smooth registration experience.

The site has had issues. Earlier this month, the site rejected applicants due to an online snag. The Secretary of State Brian Kemp asked folks to try again.

And then Monday, Jerry Gonzalez says the site failed again. "Last night the web site was slow and was not functioning properly," said Gonzalez, director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. "It was saying it was not processing applications we were trying to do. And this morning the same thing happened."

Gonzalez has been registering voters for this election for weeks. He thinks the site got slammed over the last day or so by new voters like Danielle Lewan.

"It’s happening a lot this election cycle because there’s a lot of interest in registering to vote," Gonzalez said.

But Lewan spent less than three minutes on the Secretary of state’s site and successfully registered to vote Tuesday. "Very easy. I flew through it," Lewan said. "Now I’m officially registered to vote in the state of Georgia."

Secretary of State Kemp’s office says it has had no indication there were issues with the voter registration site over the last day. Gonzalez is calling on Kemp to extend the registration deadline because of this issues his group experienced.