Some Baldwin County students returned to school Monday for the first time since a gun went off inside a 3rd grade classroom last Friday.

Jobie Shields has more on what the school system is doing to try and improve safety for students.

John and Catrena Lisse feared the worst for their son in first grade when they heard a gun had been fired from the backpack of an 8-year-old at Lakeview Academy on Friday.

The Lisses say their son came home with a lot of questions they weren't ready to discuss yet, but they were forced to address it.

"I explained to him that a student had brought something very bad to school and that they just wanted to make sure that nobody else was going to bring anything bad and they were doing it to keep him safe. And then he was like, 'OK,' and he was OK with it," said Catrena Lisse.

Catrena says before returning to school Monday, the district told them that all K-5 students will have to carry clear, see-through mesh backpacks, a policy already enforced at the middle and high school.

"We received a call from the principal of his school saying that it became a countywide decision, K-12, clear mesh backpacks," Catrena said.

The Baldwin County School District says students have until after Thanksgiving break to purchase a new backpack, but until then, they'll search students upon arrival.

Catrena says that is unsettling, but says it will keep the kids safe.

"We don't know what happened. We haven't been given details, but they ensured that our kids and our teachers were their first priority and that's what's important. They kept our babies safe," said Catrena.

Monday was the first day students were searched at school if they did not have a clear backpack.

The school district is giving parents until after Thanksgiving break to get a new backpack.