HOLLY SPRINGS, Ga. — Police said a 68-year-old man stabbed an intruder multiple times after the suspect allegedly tried to break through his front door, and it all apparently stemmed from a dispute over a woman.

According to Holly Springs Police, the 68-year-old resident heard the sound of someone trying to get inside his Rabbit Hill Road home around 2:30 a.m. followed by the sound of shattering glass.

The resident then called 911, and while he was on the phone, both he and the suspect apparently got into a struggle. When officers got to the scene, they saw the resident on the phone holding a knife in the other hand.

Officers ordered the resident to drop the knife, and he complied. That's when officers noticed cuts and other blood on his knuckles, hand and, wrist.

Police asked the 68-year-old resident what happened and that's when he told officers that he stabbed the intruder.

According to the resident's story, he had been hanging out in his home with a woman earlier in the evening when someone knocked at his front door. He answered it and was met with another person who questioned the woman on whether she was being raped. The woman told the person that she was fine, and the person left.

But according to the resident's story to police, that person allegedly called the woman's ex-boyfriend and told him otherwise, encouraging the former boyfriend to check on the woman. The person who originally arrived at the door with concerns of a possible rape then returned to the door and told the 68-year-old resident that the ex-boyfriend would be arriving in 30 minutes.

After that message, the woman told the resident she was leaving to avoid a fight. He then grabbed his knife from off the top of the refrigerator in case the ex-boyfriend showed up.

Almost 30 minutes later, the resident told police that's when he heard the banging and shattering glass. He told police the ex-boyfriend came upstairs and made it all the way to the bedroom before the two got into a fight, during which the resident stabbed the intruder four or five times.

He then told police the ex-boyfriend left the scene headed toward the entrance of the neighborhood, but not before apparently slashing the tires of the resident's truck.

Officers later found the former boyfriend with two stab wounds around the stomach. He was taken to the hospital with injuries not expected to be life-threatening.

Officers took the knife into evidence and processed the scene. The investigation is ongoing, but no charges have been filed yet.