BUFFALO, N.Y. - A little boy from Niagara Falls who was viciously attacked by two dogs last month was reunited with some of the doctors who saved his life Wednesday, and they detailed a unique procedure to fix the worst of his injuries.

Kaeden Mitchell, 7, had severe injuries all over his body, but some of the most critical cut off blood flow to his brain.

Doctors had to act fast, and that meant taking a chance with a procedure that's never been done before on a child in this country.

The violent shaking from the dog attack tore both vertebral arteries — the main arteries that supply blood to the brain stem.

Doctors repaired one of them by inserting a wire thinner than a human hair and implanting a self-expanding stent so blood could flow freely.

Gates Vascular Institute neurosurgeon Dr. Elad Levy said the device and procedure is normally used to treat aneurysms in an adult's brain.

The other damaged artery will remain closed, but doctors say Kaeden is functioning and recovering well with just one. Because he's on blood thinners, doctors will use special techniques and skin grafting to safely reconstruct his scalp.