ATLANTA – You see drivers stop for an approaching funeral procession, but one 11Alive viewer wanted to know if Georgia law requires you to stop.

A lobbyist for the Georgia Funeral Directors Association says the law might need to articulate that behavior seen as common courtesy is not required by law.

“I was raised in the south,” says Charlie Watts. “I was brought up that way. I stop. I thought there was a law, but there's not a law.”

Georgia code 40-dash-6-76 says funeral processions have the right of way at intersections. All other drivers should yield and let them pass.

“You cannot interrupt one,” says Watts. “Can't pass a funeral procession. Can't do that on a two lane road.”

Georgia law is clear on what you should do when facing a school bus. It doesn't address that situation when it comes to a funeral procession.

“Do they have to stop?” There's no law in the state that requires you to stop on a two lane or four lane highway,” says Watts.

Some people involved in the funeral business are discussing whether or not the answer needs to be written into the law.

“It might help funeral directors,” says Watts. “They know what they're supposed to do. I think it would help them if other people understood.”

In the coming months, members of the Georgia Funeral Directors Association will discuss the possibility of adding an amendment to the law to be considered by the General Assembly.