COWETA COUNTY, Ga. -- A Texas couple is in trouble with the law again after getting caught with more than 30 pounds of liquid meth from Mexico disguised as bottled tea.

According to Newnan Police, officers were sitting in the parking lot at the store on Bullsboro Drive when they spotted a silver Ford Edge with Texas tags matching the description of a suspicious vehicle. After seeing the man and woman circling the parking lot several times, officers stopped the couple and searched their car.

Inside they found a duffel bag with 24 bottles of Lipton green tea, which were actually filled with liquid meth. Police then arrested the couple, identified as Rafael De La Cruz and Abigail Valles. Both de la Cruz and Valles told police that they had been previously been stopped at the border for alleged drug trafficking.

According to police, de la Cruz told officers that he and Valles drove from Laredo, Texas to deliver the more than 30 lbs of drugs to a person in Sandy Springs for $5,000. De la Cruz told police that he had been driving around to try and find a dumpster to get rid of the drugs because he had a bad feeling about getting caught.

The couple was transported to the Coweta County Sheriff's Office and charged with trafficking methamphetamine.

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