Helen Davis wasn't answering the phone and her family was worried. The 70-year-old woman had slight Alzheimer's, according to her daughter. Just after 4:30 Friday afternoon, a DeKalb County Police officer rang her doorbell.

She was already dead.

A DeKalb County Police incident report details how the responding officer repeatedly rang the doorbell. No answer. The officer walked to the back door and found the door closed but unlocked.

Police entered, announcing their arrival. Again, no answer. When they entered the kitchen, they saw why: Davis was dead, wrapped in a rug with a plastic garbage bag over her head. Electrical tape was wrapped around her ankles. She has been stabbed, her throat slit.

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Her condo on Panthers Trace was ransacked. A hammer was on the floor near the front door. Police believe she knew the man responsible.

In arrest warrants obtained by 11Alive News, investigators say they found a Kindle with the name "Mark" inside her ransacked condo. The name was familiar.

Investigators discovered a man named Mark Ramos accompanied Davis to visit her husband in an Augusta nursing home. Police put his photo in a lineup, and several neighbors recognized him. According to the warrants, neighbors told police they thought he lived there.

Investigators discovered video of Ramos using Davis' Jeep Liberty to pawn a flat screen TV that belonged to her. When police applied for the arrest warrant, he was in a hotel with her Jeep registered to his name.

Ramos is charged with malice murder and booked into the DeKalb County Jail.