They were supposed to care for their elderly neighbor, but police say they neglected him and it was that neglect that led to his death.

The Coweta County Sheriff's Office this week filed murder charges against 29-year-old Jonathan Lee Barber and 26-year-old Tiffany Dawn Fountain.

According to investigators, the couple had reached an agreement for care with their neighbor, 76-year-old Rollis Noble Bowman.

Rollis Noble Bowman

Under the agreement, Barber and Fountain lived in a home next to Bowman, which he owned, and charged them no rent. He also paid for their utilities and groceries, and gave them access to his ATM card to pay expenses.

In exchange, the couple was supposed to look after him, give him help with day-to-day activities and, when needed, take him to doctor or pharmacy visits.

But, in March 2017, according to police, Bowman came down with pneumonia, but the couple allegedly never took him to the doctor or filled any prescriptions. He died two months later.

A GBI autopsy showed the causes of Bowman's death to be "acute pneumonia, dehydration and cachexia"-- a metabolic condition that often involves weight loss and leads to infections. The GBI report went on to list the manner of death as homicide.

On Tuesday, Barber and Fountain were arrested and charged with murder and two counts of elder abuse. They are being held in the Coweta County Jail.

Investigators said they are also still probing $7,000 in unaccounted withdrawals from the dead man's bank account.