Police responded to a SunTrust Bank early Wednesday morning after a person was shot and killed.

Once on scene, at 2843 Panola Road, 39-year-old Roy Farrell Sr. told police that he and his 16-year-old son were victims of a home invasion at the Oaks at Stonecrest Apartments on Evans Mill Road.

"The victims of the home invasion did not have any money and the suspect brought them here to retrieve money from the ATM," DeKalb County Police Lt. Stan Stanfield said.

Once they got into the SunTrust parking lot, the victims fought back.

"The victims of the home invasion thought they possibly had a chance to get away. A struggle ensued and shots were fired," Stanfield said.

PHOTOS | Witness: Man shot and killed in SunTrust Bank parking lot

Witness Jackie Phillips said she heard the gunshots. When police arrived, the 19-year-old suspect Malik Thomas was dead.

It was around 2:15 a.m., when she was walking across the street to the bank to use the ATM after her card didn't work at a hotel. Phillips said moments later, she saw a pick-up truck drive into the parking lot.

"When I came out I was afraid I was about to be robbed. So I came out along side of the parking lot and the individuals were watching me and just as I got even with the front of their vehicle on the other side of the parking lot, the driver jumped at the passenger and they began fighting and I got up here to the edge of the parking lot when the first gun shot went off," she said.

Phillips said she saw a man lying on the ground.

DeKalb County Police canvassed the area and spoke to another witness who was in the area. Police have not said whether it was the father or the son who shot the suspect, nor who owns the truck.