FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. – Beverly DeMagnus woke up and found her husband on the ground, his face covered in blood.

Just before 2:30 a.m., Friday morning, DeMagnus grabbed her phone and frantically dialed 911.

“We’ve just been robbed. Someone shot my husband... Lake Horton Landing Drive, Fayetteville, Ga.”

“I’m sorry, ma'am... What did you say about your husband?” the dispatch operator questions her.

“…Somebody shot and killed my husband!” she screamed over the phone.

“Are you with him now?”

“Yes!” she says, hovering over her bloody husband.

“We were just robbed by some young guys.”

“Who robbed you?” the dispatcher inquires.

“It was three, three guys; three young guys.”

“White, black or Hispanic?”


“Did they have weapons?”

“Yes, guns and knives. Please! Please!” DeMagnus begs for police to hurry.

“Is he alert?”

“No, I think he’s dead,” the wife tells the 911 dispatch operator.

She tells the dispatcher that her husband is not responding, and she, in turn, gives her instructions to perform CPR on her husband who is not breathing.

“Put the heal of your hand in the center of his chest...”

“1-and-2-and-3-and-4-and-5-and-6…” she counts, trying to revive her husband.

“They beat him up with the knife too.”

“There’s blood all over his face,” she says.

Just moments earlier, DeMagnus woke up when she heard a noise. Her husband wasn't in bed.

She walked through the sprawling home, when she stumbled upon three men standing over her bleeding husband. He had been stabbed, not shot.

One of them had a gun and demanded cash, valuables and jewelry.

Two of them jumped into the couple's gray Lexus sports car and drove away.

The third man left the home on foot; investigators believe he drove the get-away car, the same car that carried the three men to the scene of their crime.

"It's obvious there was some sort of struggle," Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said.

Her husband, 74-year-old homeowner, Albert Demagnus, was rushed to nearby Piedmont Fayette Hospital, in Fayetteville, Ga., where he died.

The sheriff's office identified the two suspects in custody as 22-year-old Jeffrey Lee Wallace, of Atlanta, and 21-year-old Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes, of Decatur, Ga.

The sheriff and several deputies took his car to the pickup and arrested the suspect at 4:41 a.m. The second suspect was captured along Hwy. 92 as the sun was rising.

The third suspect, who was believed to be driving an unknown vehicle, is still on the run as of Monday afternoon.

“It's a puzzle and we're putting it together," Fayette County Sheriff's Office Lt. Allen Stevens said. “Home invasions are generally not random, but we don't have any specific information about this home invasion.”

While Babb said that they do not have a specific description of the third suspect, he said that the case is moving quickly.

“I feel very confident that we will eventually find this third person,” he said.