ATLANTA – Equeesha Foote does not believe the father of her child meant to leave their baby in the car while he went into a restaurant to eat.

“I know for a fact it wasn’t his intention,” she said, continuing that she would still allow his father, Jaccaro Barnes, to take care of their 11-month-old son, Jaccaro Foote.

However, Barnes won’t be watching his son, who was not harmed, any time soon.

He is currently in the Fulton County Jail, following his arrest Friday around midnight, when his son was found in his Jeep in a nearly empty parking lot at the intersection of Auburn and Piedmont avenues downtown, while he was inside a restaurant eating.

Equeesha said she and Barnes live separately, but co-parent—and that he is very involved with Jaccaro.

“My baby daddy’s a good baby daddy,” she argued. “That was his first child…He loves his child so much; I know he loves his child.”

She dropped Jaccaro off with Barnes after he requested to see him, but, according to her, he was supposed to bring him back to her Thursday night.

“I brought the baby to him, to see the baby…. ‘cause he was, like, ‘Equeesha, let me see the baby, let me see the baby.’”

According to her, he tried calling her Thursday night, but she didn’t answer.

“I was asleep because I had to work…. I have 11 kids, so I work,” the mother, who’s oldest is 20, said.

A family friend, Tina Robinson echoed Equeesha's sentiments.

“Whoo! That has blown me. I have no idea. Maybe it’s just a random situation, he just thought he could do it, this time, cause the baby probably was asleep.”

“He would never do anything to hurt that baby,” Robinson defended him.

EMTs checked on Jaccaro at the scene before officers took him away. Police did not say how long he was in the car alone.

Barnes was charged with cruelty to children, deprivation of necessary substance in the first degree. His first court appearance was Saturday and his preliminary hearing will be Aug. 18.

At least three children have already been left in cars by their parents in metro Atlanta this summer:

June 5, 2017 | Dijanelle Fowler left her daughter in a car while she was in the salon getter her hair done—1-year-old Skylar died.

July 6, 2017 | Dao Le left 16-month-old Ada in her car during shift at mall. She was hospitalized, but survived.