MINT HILL, N.C. -- A Mint Hill funeral home became the target of thieves after the bumpers and chrome panels of their hearse and limousines were stolen last week.

Lowe-Neddo Funeral Home's director of family services, Edward Lynch, III, said his business' surveillance cameras showed thieves casing the property overnight before taking the back bumper off the limousine out front.

They also took the front bumper and chrome side panels off a hearse parked in the back of the business.

"I was told a long time early in the funeral service, it's the living that will hurt you; it's the dead that will protect you," Lynch quipped.

He said the thefts will cost the business thousands of dollars to replace the parts. In the meantime, the business can't use the vehicles for funerals.Lynch is offering the thieves a deal if they come clean. "Bring our bumpers back," he said. "We'll call it a done deal."Lynch asked anyone with information on the case to call the police.