ATLANTA -- An Atlanta mother is horrified after she says her 12-year-old daughter was attacked. And instead of trying to help her, witnesses filmed the entire attack and posted it to Facebook.

The girl has a concussion and says she does not remember much of the beating but the videos are all over social media, reminding her of exactly what happened.

She can't get away from it. Twelve-year-old Treasure Washington said the video of her beat down is all over social media.

"They were just beating me," she said. "Punching me in the head, kicking me in the head -- they were throwing me on the floor so she could get me and just beat me. And nobody did anything about it. They thought it was funny."

Treasure has a concussion and a neck injury from the beating -- with scrapes and bruises on her arms and legs. Her mom Sharonda Stovall said watching the playback of the video is sickening.

"Y'all are laughing, and you enjoyed it, and you're still enjoying it," Stovall said. "That hurts me to the core."

She filed a police report and challenged the parents of the teenagers seen in the video to come forward and take responsibility for the attack. But she said no one has gotten in touch with her.

"You all have to be sick, twisted individuals," she said. "You have to be evil -- and for your parents to see it and not care, it speaks volumes."

Treasure was walking her 7-year-old cousin to a park in Mechanicsville when she said three or four girls jumped her out of nowhere. She said they stole her shoes and ran off, laughing.

"It made me see what people are capable of doing," Treasure said. "So I don't trust people anymore. I don't want to be surrounded by people."

Treasure said she is afraid to leave the house because the threats on social media keep coming. Her mom said she can't escape it.

"You feel low. You feel disgusting like you're nothing," Stovall said. "They treated you like you're nothing, and that's how my baby feels -- like she doesn't matter."

The people tagged in the video did not respond to requests for information from 11Alive News.