A dad created a clever plan to make sure his kids have a way out of uncomfortable situations, and his blog post about it is going viral.

Bert Fulks calls it the “X-Plan,” and he uses it to keep his kids safe. If they are with friends, at a party or any other situation that doesn’t feel safe, they simply text their mom or dad the letter “X.”

The parent then calls the kid, and follows this script:


“Danny, something’s come up and I have to come get you right now.”

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you when I get there. Be ready to leave in five minutes. I’m on my way.”

The kid then explains to their friends that there’s been a family emergency, they have to leave and their parent is coming to get them right away.

In the post, Fulks explains this gives the child an out, so they don’t feel pressured into doing something they don’t want to, and they don’t have to explain to their friends why they don’t want to. That way, they avoid “social ridicule.”

Even if the kid isn’t where they’re supposed to be, Fulks said they know they can tell their parents as little or as much as they want to. This gives the child an opportunity to grow and develop socially, without putting themselves in a situation that’s dangerous.