BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- The father charged in the hot car death of his young son did not search "childfree," according to testimony heard in court on Monday.

Harris is facing several charges, including felony murder and malice murder, in the June 2014 death of his son Cooper. Prosecutors allege that Harris intentionally left the 22-month-old child strapped in the backseat of his SUV; Harris maintains it was a tragic accident.

Last week, a detective noted that the term "childfree" had been manually searched in Reddit on Harris' computer.

But in testimony on Monday, Harris' coworker at a Home Depot corporate office, Alex Hall, said that he introduced Harris to the childfree subreddit via a Google Hangout message. Hall said he sent Harris the link as a joke, to which Harris replied, according to defense attorney Maddox Kilgore, with "grossness."

When questioned by the defense about Harris' behavior, Hall noted that Harris hadn't appeared different in any way. Harris was also planning on moving to the Acworth/Kennesaw area to find better schooling for Cooper.

Hall, Harris and a third co-worker, Winston Milling, had numerous discussions throughout their workday via Google Hangouts. These chat logs were recapped in court as both the defense and the state went over in great detail what the men discussed.

Milling knew Harris from college at the University of Alabama. He later moved to the Atlanta-area to work at one of Home Depot's corporate offices. Hall knew Harris from work as well. The three men plus another friend were planning on starting a website building business. They would contact businesses whose websites were outdated and offer to rebuild them new ones for a fee. Hall also said Harris had interviewed for a position with Chick-fil-A but he wasn't selected for the job.

Also on Monday, jurors heard testimony from two women who said they had sexual relations with Harris. Click here for a recap of that testimony.