COWETA COUNTY, Ga. -- Coweta County Sheriff's deputies won't face criminal charges in the death of a man who was Tased 15 times.

Back in November 2015, 32-year-old Chase Sherman was traveling back from a trip to the Dominican Republican with his parents. After going through customs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Sherman's parents said he became agitated and didn't want to board a plane to continue their trip home to Destin, Fla.

The family then rented a car and began driving home. While traveling through Coweta County on Interstate 85, Sherman had another episode and the family called 911.

When deputies arrived, an altercation ensued. Deputies handcuffed Sherman and Tased him more than a dozen times. The incident was captured on video.

The Coweta County Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death from "several pulls of an electronic control device, prone positioning on the floor of a motor vehicle and compression of the torso by the body weight of another individual."

On Monday, Coweta County District Attorney Pete Skandalakis said deputies would not face criminal charges in the incident.

The Sherman family's attorney, L. Chris Stewart, issued a statement Monday saying,

What's most appalling is the characterization by Coweta County District Attorney Pete Skandalakis that Chase's death was simply an 'accident.' There was nothing accidental about the behavior of the officers and EMT that night. It is apparent that the District Attorney decided to ignore video of the incident and the facts. Instead he opted to smear a dead man's name and avoid doing his job representing the community.

We will be filing a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against all responsible parties. Given the clear video evidence available, the family is also demanding that U.S. Attorney John Horn immediately open an official investigation.