When you think of divorce, happy thoughts don't exactly fill your head.

But there's a new trend trying to change that...at least for some people.

We’re talking about specialty cakes for divorce parties. Think of it as a celebration for separation.

There’s a little sweet revenge inside The La Patisserie Chouquette Bakery in Botanical Heights in Missouri.

Owner and pastry chef Simone Faure showed Alexandra Corey some of the divorce cakes she’s made for customers in the past.

One of them says 'May the Divorce Be With You.' It's kind of a play on Star Wars.

Faure doesn't advertise her specialty cakes on her website and they’re not put on display either.

Faure says, "it used to be that we would drown our sorrows in a tub of ice cream, but who wants ice cream when there's cake to be eaten."

It seems the divorce cakes trend has taken off in the past few years. If you use the hashtag #divorcecakes on social media, you'll find a wide range of creative cakes posted by proud divorcees.

"I've even done a divorce cake for a couple where they were getting divorced and they were having a party. It was a joint celebration, they were equally pleased to be rid of each other," laughed Faure.

Faure has line of sweets called Scorned by Simone Faure. She’s done break-up cookies, even Voodoo sweets.

"We have these voodoo gingerbread men and you can get those cookies with a little pen and you can poke the cookie we call those ex-boyfriend cookies. But you can get ex-girlfriend cookies as well we are an equal opportunity bakery," joked Faure.

Faure says this type of celebration isn't for everyone.

"I think it depends on the age of the couple. If it’s an older couple there's not so much celebration. There’s still that stigma of a failed marriage, or it didn’t work out, especially if there are kids involved. But now you have younger brides and grooms and it’s not seen as this final ending, this nail in the coffin. It’s I’m still young, I still want to have fun. We're going to celebrate a new beginning, a new adventure," she explained.

According to the Pew Research Center, divorce rates for people 50 and older have doubled in the past 25 years. The divorce rate for those younger than 50 is twice as high as it is for adults 50 and older.