MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Photos of an unusual crash in Maple Grove have gotten thousands of likes, comments and shares online.

The photos show a large piece of metal slicing through a windshield on the driver's side of an SUV.

That driver, Angela Mackenthun, is talking with KARE 11 about that scary ride two weeks ago.

Mackenthun says she was driving in the area of I-494 and I-94 in Maple Grove, headed to Elk River for work, when suddenly, a large piece of metal flew off a truck, bounced on the highway, and slammed into her windshield.

"I turned my head and glass was coming everywhere it was in my mouth. It was everywhere," said Mackenthun, who walked away from the crash with a few cuts and scrapes.

Mackenthun says when law enforcement arrived on scene, they told her she was lucky to be alive.

"If that scrap metal would've came directly in my vehicle and wouldn't have bounced on the road first it would've decapitated me," she said.

Mackenthun admits, like many motorists, she has driven distracted in the past. But that day, says she was not distracted behind the wheel. She credits that, in part, for saving her life.

"I had both hands on the wheel. I was able to prepare, brace myself, hold the steering wheel, slow down and slam on my horn," she said.

Her Jeep is still being repaired. Once it's done she'll get her SUV back and the piece of metal that slammed into it. Mackenthun says she's going to keep it and hang it in her garage as a reminder to always stay aware on the road and to remind herself of how lucky she is to be alive.

"I'm just so thankful I have a great job, a great family. I'm just thankful that wasn't taken away from me," said Mackenthun.

The Minnesota State Patrol is reminding all drivers to secure their loads with ratchet or tow straps. As of one week ago, in its Facebook post, the agency said the truck driver carrying the metal had not been found.