Some people are flocking to the north to see the full effects of the Eclipse.

The Georgia Department of Labor estimates that 53,000 drivers will travel to Georgia's northernmost counties.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to travelers to see where they're heading and what precautions they are taking to keep their eyes safe during the eclipse.

"It's just going to be enjoyable. It's something you remember you know," said Jimmy Sparks.

Sparks is traveling over 400 miles to watch the solar eclipse.

Around 7 a.m. Sunday morning, Sparks packed up his belongings, his wife and poodle, and started driving to Cleveland, Tennessee.

"This is exciting," said Sparks

Although he's on the road, he's missing something very important -- eclipse glasses.

"I do not have a pair," said Sparks.

He says he tried to grab a few from local stores, but they sold out.

However, that won't stop him from taking a look. He says he wouldn't want to miss it for the world.

"This is something that I can remember until the good Lord comes and gets me," said Sparks.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is urging people not to take photographs while driving, and to not stop alongside the Interstate or park on the shoulder during the eclipse.

Find the full list of precautions here.