The total eclipse is only 22 days away. This will be a once in a lifetime experience for some, as the next time Macon will get to experience this is in 2078. That's 61 years!

We will not reach full totality here in Macon, but will reach about 95%, meaning glasses will be necessary at all times.

Ophthalmologist Sid Moore says without the glasses, you'll be feeling the burn.

"Think about using a magnifying glass and have you focus the sun, you know, to burn a hole in a piece of paper, well, it does the same thing inside your eyes," Moore continued, "Even a partial eclipse, even if you were right on the edge of totality, if you look at the sun without eye protection, you can still get that damage."

The filter on the glasses is made out of a black polymer material, which can be purchased on Amazon. Moore says putting this filter on a camera lens or on a phone camera lens is necessary to prevent damage to the camera.

Moore also said to look for scratches or tears in the material, as any light let in can be dangerous.

Certified solar eclipse glasses can be purchased at the Macon Museum of Arts and Science, Lowe's stores, and through the eclipse link from NASA, found here: