ATLANTA -- Bipartisan support in the Georgia House wasn't a tough sell for one bill requiring mandatory recess for elementary school students in the state.

On Friday, 147 state representatives voted in favor of the bill with only 17 opposed. The bill will now face the scrutiny of the Georgia Senate. If signed into law, the bill would require a mandatory minimum of 30 per day of "supervised unstructured activity time" that is "preferably outdoors."

Recess still exists but only sporadically. As schools have become more rigorous and more test score and data driven, critics say recess has gotten squeezed out of the school day.

School boards will be tasked with establishing the policies and the length, frequency, timing and location of breaks - as they were previously. But the bill would mean excluding recess is not an option.

The bill received bipartisan sponsorship from representatives Demetrius Douglas of Stockbridge, Stacey Evans of Smyrna, Ed Setzler of Acworth, Spencer Frye of Athens and David Wilkerson of Austell.