BURNSVILLE, Minn. -- A Burnsville, Minnesota mom never thought she’d be harvesting honey from the roof of her home, or rescuing thousands of honey bees.

That’s the situation she found herself in this week, after discovering a colony of about 30,000 bees living in the roof of her home.

She and her husband found the infestation while remodeling the siding on the house.

The family knew bee populations are endangered, so they brought in a beekeeper to transfer the honey bees to a sanctuary.

The bees had produced up to 10 pounds of honey in the roof of the home.

“We had absolutely no idea how many, and how much they’d been working, and how much they’d produced in our home,” said Christina Fortier.

U of M Bee Lab experts say there are a couple of ways you can help the bee population. One, you can plant flowering plants. Bees need flowers for nutrition. And two, reduce pesticide use. Select healthy natural plants and keep them free of pesticides.