PALM COAST-- An investigation is underway at Flagler County High School after deputies say two teenage girls gave classmates homemade tattoos at school using the same needle more than once, according to News 6.

One of the students' father learned of the tattoo after she posted a picture of her tattoo to Instagram.

The incident report says the students received the tattoo during lunch at Matanzas High. This raises concerns as to where the teach was while this was happening.

"The fact that it happened on school property is a huge concern to me," said one parent.

Deputies say the two 15-year-old girls that gave the tattoos used a "stick and poke" method. They used a needle and India ink that they have access to in the art room.

A report says one of the girls charged $15 per tattoo and the same needle was used on multiple students.

Flagler County Schools issued a statement on the issue:

"This morning, administrators at Matanzas High School were made aware of a complaint filed with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, alleging students tattooing other students at the school.

"Our administrators are working with investigators to identify all students involved in the alleged incident. We are following our student code of conduct and discipline protocols during this process.

"Student safety is of utmost concern for us for all our students. We do not condone activities alleged in this incident and they will not be tolerated," the statement said.

One of the students' parents plan to press charges.

The case has been turned over the state attorney's office and the teens that gave the tattoos have been suspended.