A multimillion-dollar lottery ticket was sold in Macon, and now all that is missing is the ticket holder.

The ABC Food Mart might look like an everyday convenience store, but it’s the place where luck was leaning in one player's favor.

“No, I didn’t buy that ticket,” William Scales said.

“I wish I knew the person that won,” Ariel Dixon said.

That person bought the $3.8 million Jumbo Bucks lottery ticket at the ABC Food Mart in Macon before Thursday night’s drawing.

“We have smaller jackpots, a couple hundred grand or so, but reaching the millions is a little more uncommon,” Kevin Lee said.

His parents own the store with the lucky touch. He says not many play the Jumbo Bucks game, so he thinks he has an Idea of who the new millionaire might be.

“It seems like it’s an older gentleman, and he plays regularly and he'll buy a very large quantity of tickets,” Lee said. “It’s probably one of those fellas. We have a couple of regulars like that.”

Since word started getting around, more people showed up for their chance at Lady Luck.

“People like to associate that the win means more luck or whatever people think, but we're happy to take the business,” Lee said.

While they may not have the winning ticket hand, many players will continue to dream on.

“I’d buy myself an island by myself, alone with no people,” Gayle Peterson said.

“I would put money into their (his sons') college fund,” Scales said.

While everyone waits to learn who picked the right numbers, Peterson has this advice.

“Run! Don't tell anybody, just run and enjoy your life,” Peterson said.


A Macon store sold a winning lottery ticket worth $3.8 million, according to the Georgia Lottery.

The ticket was sold at the ABC Food Mart located on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

It is a Jumbo Bucks lottery ticket and the winning numbers 08-12-23-24-30-31.

Coming in behind the winning ticket were six tickets worth $500.

The winner has not been identified, but has 180 days from the draw date to come forward.