As Georgia residents begin to head to the polls in advance of Election Day, some glitches have already been seen in parts of metro Atlanta.

Clea Calloway said she showed up to vote at the Northside Parkway library on Monday, but was told her ballot had already been cast.

“She took my license and she said, ‘You already voted this morning,’” said Calloway. “I was almost speechless. Words that did come out of my mouth: ‘I Absolutely did not vote this morning,’ and I said it loudly and she said well you did. Then the supervisor clearly heard all this and came over and the poll worker said she voted here this morning.”

Calloway says the supervisor told her it was a computer problem and she was eventually allowed to vote but she still has questions.

“I’m not sure which vote is going to count the one I really made, or the one I didn’t make,” she said.

Fulton County elections officials said there was an error checking Calloway in but insist she did only vote the one time.

Fulton County is also getting complaints from some DeKalb County residents who mistakenly received letters instructing them to vote at Fulton County polling places. Activist Derrick Boazman worries that could discourage the poor and elderly from voting.

“This is one of the most important elections of our generation and you’re telling people to go vote at a place that when they get there on Election Day, they’ll be told, ‘This is not your precinct,’” said Boazman. “This is just gross negligence that rises to the level of incompetence that needs to be addressed.”

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office said it takes all complaints seriously and refers them to its investigations division.