Parents of children with egg allergies are being urged by a major baby food company to double check one of their products.

Gerber Products Company announced a recall of its Cheese Ravioli Gerber Pasta Pick-Ups because the label doesn’t make clear that it contains egg.

“On updated packages, allergens are included in the ingredient list and are additionally called out in a voluntary ‘contains’ statement that appears immediately below the ingredient line,” the company said, Wednesday, in a statement on its website.

However, the company said there was an oversight that left the ingredient and potential allergen off the list. As a result, the statement says, Gerber has voluntarily removed the product from retail and online stores. However, for those without an allergy to egg – or the listed allergens, wheat and milk – the food is still safe to eat.

The specific UPC number for the product is 159070. Anyone with additional questions should contact 1-800-510-7494.