In a secret room underneath the stairs, Andre Simmons and Faith Goins-Simmons have built a shrine for their son Syer who died in December.

"He was there one second, gone the next," Andre Simmons said.

At the time, the 13-month-old boy acted like he just had a cold when Andre Simmons says he suddenly stopped breathing.

"My biggest question is why? Why our son? Why now?" Andre Simmons said.

For more than two months, they were left to wonder.

"As a parent, what do you do differently?" Faith Goins-Simmons said. "What should I have done?"

The coroner told them Syer died of pneumonia caused by a staph infection.

"In his case, he contracted it through a person," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "Someone was sick and didn't know they had this staph infection."

The Simmons have a family friend who works in a daycare. They want people to know that when you hear warnings of germs or advice to wash your hands, it is real, not overprotective.

"It was somebody wanting to play with him and saying, hi Sy, you know, that little bit is what caused him to die," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "So, yeah, wash your hands, be cleanly."

This is a warning that they are going to heed themselves.

"Syer's been gone for seven months and we're seven months pregnant with a boy," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "Even on birth control, we got pregnant with this amazing beautiful miracle."

Andre Simmons says they will be taking no chances.

"He's gonna be kinda like bubble baby," Andre Simmons said. "We're gonna be extremely.... we were already overprotective before."

They believe God has given them another chance while delivering a message to others savor their children and protect them.

"If our loss can do anything," Faith Goins-Simmons said. "Save a child, then please be cautious."