The Georgia National Fair only comes one time a year, and some of us get excited about what's on the menu, but here are 4 Amped Up tips for you to have a healthier fair experience. Check it out.

1. Water is the Way!

Avoid drinking calories at all costs. Sweet teas, fresh squeezed lemonades, and sodas contain a lot of sugar, which spells empty calories and not good news for your waistline, so the bottom line is drink more water to help you balance your calorie intake while at the fair this week and even at home, too.

2. Limit fried foods or heavy carbs and starches like corn dogs, French fries, fried cheese or pizza.

Healthier options are foods that are either roasted or grilled over an open flam,e like chicken or turkey legs, but be mindful of portion control with the caveman turkey legs -- they are nearly five times the size of normal drumsticks, so make sure not to eat all the skin and allow your friends to enjoy your treat with you.

3. Share dessert.

It's almost impossible to leave the fair without a tasty dessert of a cinnamon roll, funnel cake, or even a deep-fried candy bar or caramel apple. But remember, most of these items mentioned are loaded with bad fats and sugars, so share the load. With two or three friends helping partake, it's less calories for you to burn later.

4. Bring a pedometer with you or use a fitness app on your cell phone and Walk it out!

Set a goal of a designated number of steps to achieve before leaving the fairgrounds and crush them. You can also hit the water and paddleboat the calories away for an additional cost or take part in a free concert at one of the stages and dance those "cheat" meals away while listening to your favorite tunes.

The moral of the story is eat and drink in moderation while at the fair. You never want to overindulge, so make sure you have eaten something before coming to the grounds. An empty stomach can add to the pressure of making unhealthy choices. So in closing, drink more water, eat less fried foods, share desserts and walk, paddleboat, or dance those calories away.