ATLANTA -- Flu season is upon us. For seniors, on the "MUST DO" list: flu shots.

Believe it or not, one in 3 seniors don't get them.

Add a Shingles shot to the "Must Do" list. The CDC reports a shocking 3 out of 4 seniors don't get those either. The shot helps protect against an illness that can cause a long lasting stinging pain.

And two more "Must Get" shots:

One for Pneumonia -- 4 out of 10 seniors don't get them.

And a Tetanus booster -- half of all seniors pass those up as well.

Get your vaccinations. You MUST protect yourself and guard your health.

For more information:

-- Senior schedule (includes an immunization finder and schedule)

-- NCOA: 4 important vaccines for seniors covered by Medicare

- AARP: The vaccines you need at 550+