If you're used to penciling in your eyebrows to make them fuller, the state Department of Health is talking about a new procedure that can save you some time in the morning — It’s called microblading.

This cosmetic procedure uses a device with small blades that introduce a tattoo-like pigment on the eyebrows.

Rick Craft of the State Health Department says this work can be done only by a licensed physician at either an office or a permitted body art facility that's inspected regularly.

However, with microblading on the rise, the state is warning people to be careful.

Georgia has an additional law that requires a doctor or physician actually to be the one that does any procedure involving an area within 1 inch of the eye," says Craft.

Craft says you don't want to go to just anywhere to get this done, like someone's house, because you might run the risk of severe infection.

"If you get a tattoo or some procedure like microblading, it is possible for infection to start when it is obviously staph infection, but you get an inflammation on the site, depending on the care that it receives can actually result in skin loss and tissue loss,” says Craft.

If you’re apprehensive about what places you can go to for eyebrows, contact your county health department and verify that any body art studio operating in your county is a permitted facility in the county.

Currently there is a handful of places that conduct the procedure in Central Georgia, but Craft says that the Health Department received several calls from people hoping to set up a business and perform microblading.